My Lack of Civic Spirit

The L.A. Marathon Is Good Mainly for Screwing Up L.SA. Traffic

The L.A. Marathon Is Good Mainly for Screwing Up L.A. Traffic

Every year around this time, the Los Angeles Marathon is run; and, every year, it’s run on a Sunday morning and afternoon during the most brutal part of tax season. Those of us who have to go to work on this day are frequently re-routed in a way that makes us feel tired before we even get to work.

Here is the problem in a nutshell: I live south of the usual L.A. Marathon route, and I work north of the route. That means I have to take the freeway to work … But wait, CalTrans is still working on the exit I have to take. So I would have to go miles out of my way to get to and from work.

The other option is Wilshire Boulevard. Fortunately, the boys and girls in their floppy shorts go under the road through the Veterans’ Administration campus on Bonsall. That works fine in the morning, but in the afternoon, for the return trip, all the left turn lanes are a mile long. So I had to take Veteran Drive to Montana to Sepulveda and take a right on Wilshire. That was a five-mile detour.

If it were me to re-route the Marathon, I would have them run straight up the San Gabriel Mountains. That’ll show how much heart they have!