The First Step Is Taken

Icelandic Scenery

Icelandic Scenery

Today I finally booked my flight to Iceland. Note that I said my rather than our. Unfortunately, Martine will not be able to come with me. Ever since the beginning of the year, she has been suffering from what I think is fibromyalgia, characterized by neuromuscular pains in the neck, shoulder, and back and a difficulty with sleeping. She is currently working with a physical therapist to alleviate her symptoms. But, as things stand now, she is unable not only to carry her luggage, but to wear a purse on her shoulder. It will be a beautiful but lonely trip.

My plans are to leave in the middle of June and return early in July. I hope to see, in addition to the capital Reykjavik, the island of Heimaey, the Njals Saga country around Hvolsvöllur, the Egil’s Saga country around Borgarnes and Reykholt, the Snaefellsness Peninsula around Stykkishólmur, and the Westfjords from Isafjörður to the bird cliffs of Látrabjarg. Perhaps, if there is time, I could also visit Akureyri and the falls at Goðafoss.

My Kindle is already loaded with Icelandic Sagas, and before I leave for Reykjavik, I expect to read another half a dozen.

I could have taken the cheapest flight, but I hate being rushed from one gate to the other at a large airport, so I arranged to have four-hour stopovers in Toronto on the way out and Boston and the way back.

Iceland is beautiful, but I will miss Martine.