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I Have a Preposition for You

Yeah, Some of These …

Here’s a poem for you by Morris Bishop entitled “To and Fro”:

I lately lost a preposition;
It hid, I thought, beneath my chair
And angrily I cried, “Perdition!
Up from out of under there.”

Correctness is my vade mecum,
And straggling phrases I abhor,
And yet I wondered, “What should he come
Up from out of under for?”

Wow, six prepositions in a row! That has to be something of a record.

3 thoughts on “I Have a Preposition for You

  1. i wonder if he knew Ogden Nash or Bennett Cerf? more on him at Wiki… i just ordered “A Gallery of Eccentrics”… tx, i luv this stuff…

  2. Cute – I’ll be Winston Churchill would have enjoyed it. I believe he is the one that said in reference to not ending sentences with a preposition something like it’s something ‘up with which I will not put.’ Tongue in cheek probably as I seem to recall he thought it a silly rule.

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