The Phantom Beep

It Was Driving Me Nuts

It Was Driving Me Nuts

It happened yesterday morning at work. Every 30 seconds, like clockwork, I would hear a beep. At first I thought it was the microwave in our office kitchen, but it continued to happen. Then I thought it was our HP 9050 copier. In fact, I identified the sound as coming from the rear left of the sorter. At that point, I called LaserCare to send out a rep to shut off the beep. He came out and checked out the machine, but he couldn’t figure out the source.

Around this time, I went to the other side of the office and heard it coming from around there. First I suspected the secretary’s laser printer, but it continued after I unplugged out. Then my attention was drawn to the smoke alarms overhead. I called the Office of the Building, and they sound out a technician to check it out. After he informed me that the alarms were not battery operated, I had an awful suspicion.

The beeps were coming from me!

After I had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) a couple of weeks ago, the UCLA Cardiology Department fitted me with an event monitor “just in case.” While I was wearing the unit on my belt, the cable connection from the unit to the contact points on my chest had worked loose. Partly, it was because the plastic tab connecting the unit to my belt had gotten stretched.

So now I wear the unit in a small digital camera case. The only problem is that there is a visible wire that emerges from the case and disappears into my shirt. When people notice it, I warn them to be careful of what they say because I’m wearing a wire….