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The Avila Adobe

In the Middle of Olvera Street, L.A.’s Oldest Still-Existing House

In the Middle of Olvera Street, L.A.’s Oldest Still-Existing House

In my semi-retirement, I’ve taken to going downtown at least once a week and doing some exploring. Today, I started out at the Central Library reading Claude Izner’s In the Shadows of Paris, set in the City of Lights back in the 1890s.

I picked out a volume of Charles Bukowski’s letters in the literature section and checked it out, making my way to Meeting Room A at 12:30 for something completely different: A guided session on meditation by Giselle Jones. It was super-relaxing. I will look out for other meditation events at the Library.

Then it was on to Dash Bus B to Olvera Street. I had a hankering for some more of Cielito Lindo’s taquitos and chile rellenos. Yum! They were even better than last time.

Finally, I paid a visit to the oldest surviving house in Los Angeles: The Avila Adobe. Although L.A. was first settled in 1781, all the houses were destroyed by the ravages of time, except for the Avila Adobe, which was built in 1818 by Francisco Avila, one of the city’s earliest alcaldes (mayors). The house was an oasis of calm amid the frantic crowds looking to buy souvenirs.

From there, it was a short walk to the bus stop for the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus #R10 to return home.

6 thoughts on “The Avila Adobe

  1. love it. I grew up in the adler adobe inn sonoma. I’ts the only sensible way to build in that climate, always c ool in the terrible simmer heat, and warm in winter with a fireplace and perhaps a bit more elecrtic or portable oil or gas. we had all of those but summer all that was needed was the thick mud walls. also called the ray adobe

  2. Glad to see you are getting some meditation in, along with my favorites–chiles rellenos, taquitos, and exploring. 🙂

  3. Adobes are great, but what happens if we should get a lot of rain? (Not that we ever will, but what if?) Won’t it just dissolve in all that water?

    • last time I saw, long long ago, the adobe, huge out the petaluma rd from sonoma had indeed melted some. it was occupied by squatters and had never been plastered or roofed properly

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