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Up Escalator, Down Escalator

At One Time, Going on a Down Escalator Was My Greatest Fear

At One Time, Going on a Down Escalator Was My Greatest Fear

When I was a young lad, I was paralyzed with fear every time I had to go down an escalator. I didn’t mind going up one; but going down, I saw how far I had to fall. My parents and my brother made fun of my fear. Eventually, I confronted my sense of terror and had no more trouble.

In today’s China, escalators can kill. There are stories of people stepping on the floor panel either at the start or the end of their ascent or descent, and having the panel break, plunging the victim into the works of the escalator and crushing him or her to death. See the YouTube video by clicking here.

Nowadays, back in the U.S., I am usually more annoyed by escalators being out of service for long periods of time. At the Central Library in Los Angeles, the up escalators to the second and third floors have been out of service for months. At the 7th Street Metro Center, the topmost up escalator to the 7th and Hope exit has been down for at least two weeks for “preventive maintenance.” This leads me to wonder if escalators are just getting too expensive.