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Bad Karma

Both Israel and Hamas Are Asking for a Miserable Future

Both Israel and Hamas Are Asking for a Miserable Future

I do not intend to say who is right and who is wrong. But I think that both Israel and Hamas will suffer in years to come for their mutual intransigence. Both sides have negotiated in bad faith, especially when Benjamin Netanyahu was on one of the sides. Unfortunately, it is the innocent who—as always—suffer the most. The images of wounded Palestinian children are everywhere in the news. And certainly, the casualties are grotesquely one-sided.

The question I ask is: When does Israel’s right to defend itself cross the line over into war crimes? Although their rocket attacks have been one-hundredth the intensity of Israel’s air and land barrage, one might also ask of Hamas why, considering what they know of Israel’s tendency to over-respond, do they continue acting in such a way as to deserve punishment by Israel? But will Hamas be punished, or the Palestinians who just want to survive with their families and property intact?

So much of the news today is about irreconcilable conflicts between people who should be brothers: Ukraine and Russia, Syria and the Syrians, Iraq and ISIS … the list goes on. And the casualties continue to mount.

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  1. We seem to have forgotten that a right is two sided for every right you have a corresponding responsibility one does and can not exist without the other . In the current situation in the mid east while Israel has the right to defend it self it also has the responsibility to see that its actions do not cause others to have to defend themselves,

  2. This is an unfolding human tragedy in a classical Greek sense, though both sides would reject that comparison. Hamas does what it does to perpetuate its hold on power and a supply of money, and to fight the occupiers, just as the IRA used to do, and Israel responds as one might expect from a well-armed colonial power, just as the Romans crushed and exterminated the zealots, or the British used machine guns and tanks on the Irish, and blockaded the Irish coast. Neither side really seems to truly care what happens to the populations being rocketed or bombed, in the long view, meaning peace. Increasingly, both are militarized anti-democratic, violent, entities. The Israelis continue to have the upper hand due to immense military power and the support of the United States, and of course Israel is a nuclear power. And there is so much hatred on both sides, being for peace is a bit like putting a target on your back.

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